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How to Look after your Nordman Fir Christmas Tree


Experiments have shown that cut Christmas Trees continue to drink water through their bark in the same way that cut flowers do. So here at the nursery we do endeavour to keep the tree trunks as wet as possible, watering them twice a day.


When you get your tree home we recommend that you cut about an inch from the bottom of the trunk and stand it at least overnight, in a bucket of water, to which has been added some sugar or liquid feed. 


When you put the tree into its stand please make sure it is positioned away from a radiator and topped up with water, again with some sugar or liquid feed added. Please bear in mind that a tree can drink 2 to 4 pints of water a day.


We also recommend that you turn the tree lights off when you go to bed at night to stop the needles drying out, and spray the branches with a small water spray once or twice a day.


We do not recommend standing the tree in sand, as this has been found to block up the pores in the tree bark making it difficult for the tree to suck up water by capillary action. However if you choose this method we would suggest that you keep the sand as wet as possible.